DBN Group Profile

Beijing Da Bei Nong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (DBN) is an agricultural high-tech enterprise founded by young intellectuals represented by Dr. Shao Genhuo. Since its establishment in 1993, DBN has, by adhering to a business philosophy of “Rewarding the state with agricultural development, strive for the best progress and achieve mutual development”, committed to develop China’s modern agricultural business through high technologies.

Presently, DBN has developed into a high-tech agricultural enterprise with fodder, animal health, seed industry and plant protection as its main subjects, DNB has a research and development team composed of 50 doctors, more than 180 masters and some other experts, it is a high-tech agricultural enterprise group owning more than 10000 employees, 40 production bases, 67 subsidiaries, 500 franchise stores and over 1000 county-level popular science service stations.

DBN is a national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, a state-level high-tech enterprise, a state validated enterprise technical center, a national innovation enterprise, chairman unit of Agriculture Industry Branch of Chinese Society of Agronomy, vice president unit of CAAA, vice president unit of China Feed Industry Association, vice president unit of Animal Health Products Association of China, vice president unit of China Seed Industry Association, chairman unit of Zhongguancun Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Alliance, top-20 enterprises in Zhongguancun economy and so on. On April 9, 2010, DBN listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and landed on the capital market successfully, since then, it became the enterprise with the largest financing amount in Chinese agriculture industry and one of the agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises with highest market value.

Since it enters the 21st century, Chinese agriculture is facing up to the challenges of globalization, industrialization and biotechnological revolution. DBN has always firmly believed that agriculture is the most potential industry which deserves unremitting efforts, however, to be compared with similar targets and eras, there is still a big gap and we need to work harder. We believe that, with the close attention and support of leaders and experts from all walks of the society, with the love and affirmation of farmer friends, the goal of DBN to establish a world-class agricultural science & technology enterprise will be definitely achieved.