About DBN Science and Technology Award

The DBN Science and Technology Award, funded and established free of charge by DBN Group, is a legitimate science and technology award registered with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, mainly aiming to reward those individuals and organizations that have made prominent contributions to the applied research area of agriculture. Since its inception in 1999, the DBN Science and Technology Award has appraised 11 batches of 409 award winners, which has not only encouraged a large number of science and technology workers to keep making even greater scientific and technological achievements, but also received wide recognition and praise from all sectors of society.

The DBN Science and Technology Award carries out award publicity, project solicitation, evaluation organization and other work as per the requirements of the Reward Measures for DBN Science and Technology Award on the basis of earnestly soliciting the opinions from many experts. The evaluation work is completed in accordance with the principle of “openness, fairness and justice” by the Evaluation Committee of the DBN Science and Technology Award, which is composed of authoritative experts and scholars in various fields. Over the past 22 years since its inception, the DBN Science and Technology Award has appraised and rewarded a large number of well-known academicians and experts, who are the academic authorities with extraordinary contributions, including Prof. Roger Beachy, the Director of UC Davis World Food Center and an academician of the United States National Academy of Sciences; academicians Xie Hua’an and Gao Fu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; academicians Xu Rigan, Chen Huanchun, Liu Xiufan, Cheng Shunhe, Yu Shuxun and Yin Yulong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. They all reckon that the establishment of DBN Science and Technology Award is an initiative with far and big aims, and that it will play a significant role in driving scientific and technological progress and in promoting the modernization of agriculture.

In terms of the selection of foreign candidates, the DBN Science and Technology Award focuses on their personal achievements and contributions. The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Being dedicated to advancing scientific and technological progress in agricultural fields (crops, biotechnology, animal husbandry, veterinary, plant protection, plant nutrition, aquatic products, agricultural engineering, agricultural informatization and other key fields) for a long time, with outstanding contributions, high-level international academic achievements and high international reputation.

2. Being engaged in research in the frontiers of science and technology for a long time, making great scientific and technological breakthroughs, developing advanced research technology and making world-leading achievements, academic authorities.

3. Being committed to promoting technological innovation, making research results leading the world, with industrial support of independent intellectual property rights and independent brands.